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IB Development Programs in China

How to make the most your of your school and staff


The PGCE Program 

A Distance Post Graduate Certificate In Education run intensively ( One Year ) or Flexibly (2 Years). This PGCE is Unique in that it is done in partnership with the International Baccalaureate Organisation and the International Schools of Geneva (where the IB was created) to award a level 1 IB Certificate and to ensure that its academic robustness is matched only by the strength it's practical application in and out of the classroom. 

How Does it Work? 

This PGCE program will be run in conjunction with Enlai TES in China. The practical modules that require in-class assessment are run at partnered schools in Chengdu, China. All teachers from all schools are welcome to apply. To support this program to become a partner school please email us at inquires@enaliedu.com. To inquire about cost, application deadlines, module outlines and course structure please email inquiries@enlaiedu.com 


School management Program

The University Of British Columbia with the IBO and Enlai TES to deliver courses focused on maximising the potential of how an IB school is run and developed. With years of expereince of working with IB schools around the world UBC has earned a reputation of excellence in developing educational leadership.   

How it works 

Experienced educational experts from UBC's faculty  of education have a wealth of knowledge in educational leadership to bestow on school leaders and management staff in Asia. To attend our next course or to organise a course for your school please email us at inquiries@enlaiedu.com