Enlai Total Educational Solutions

Our Standard Contract


In an attempt to be as transparent as possible we post our standard contract here on our website for anyone to see. Salary and working hours vary and will be decided based on your qualifications and desires.

Dear XXX,

Welcome to Enlai total solutions’ team of teachers.

This offer letter will serve as a contract to govern your relationship with Enlai until you arrive at your place of work. It is intended to enshrine in law and verify all of the specifics of your work placement, such as the following elements of your employment:

A) Salary and other remuneration

B) Working conditions

C) Living conditions

D) Your responsibilities both inside and outside of the workplace.

E) Your reception upon arrival in your location of work and our responsibilities leading up to coming to Chengdu.  

F) Your qualifications



1) You will receive the sum of _______________________ RMB every month. 

2) You will be paid at the end of every month.

3) You will receive a free apartment, which shall include all of the following specifications;

i) At least one large bedroom.

ii) Shower or bath or both.

iii) Living room with a television and sitting areas

iv) Western style toilet

v) electronic facilities such as a washing machine and a refrigerator.

vi) Wi-Fi router

vii) apartment will be located in the center of Chengdu near the 1 line metro for easy transportation around the city, unless there is a more convenient location from which to attend work.

viii) apartments may be shared with other teachers.

4) If you do not wish to reside in the apartment provided you may instead opt to receive a living allowance each month equal to the cost of an apartment in your city.

 5) Chinese lessons will be provided by Enlai.


1) You are responsible for working 35 hours each week except for when there are public holidays or during winter or summer vacation. During this period you will not be expected to work however you may choose to if you wish. Working extra hours will provide extra remuneration. The minimum salary  is 14,500 and the minimum working hours are 25 per week.   

2) Although you may not be often asked to work _ hours a week, it is the absolute maximum you will ever be asked to work.

3) In the first month of your contract you will work for a maximum of _ hours a week while you settle in to your apartment and daily routine.

4) Under Chinese Employment law there is a mandatory probationary period of two months, this applies to you. (No teacher has ever been fired from Enlai and this action will only occur in cases of extreme negligence or incompetence.

5) You will never be unilaterally dismissed; Enlai has a three-strike policy except for cases where a teacher acts illegally.

6) You will have English speakers in your working environment to provide you with assistance during the course of your job, higher level management in your work location will also be able to speak English.


1) Enlai will ensure that your transition to your new environment is as smooth and confortable as possible.

 2) Enlai will provide 24/7 support for work and non-work related issues.

 3) Enlai will assist you in the setting up of your Wi-Fi package, mobile phone subscription, and bank account.

 4) Enlai will provide you with an introduction to living in China (where necessary) and an introduction to living in Chengdu (where necessary).

 5) Enlai will liaise with your school in the event that you feel mistreated or in the even that you are being asked to do things beyond the scope of your employment description.

 6) Enali will liaise with you if your school feels that you are not preforming your duties to the standards that they expect.


 1) Work related responsibilities: At all times you must recognize that you are a representative of Enlai and your School, your actions should promulgate this fact. 

i) You must be on time to work.

ii) You must wear appropriate attire to work (semi-casual)

iii) You must be respectful to all people that you work with, your students and their parents.

iv) you must show up to all lessons prepared.

v) Where you must leave Enlai’s employment you must give notice so that you can help train your replacement.

 2) Non-work related responsibilities: Enlai is a team of professional teachers that work independently in their own schools and work together on separate projects and new business ventures, in this way all our actions should create an environment that supports teamwork.

 i) You must be respectful to all other members of the Enlai pro teachers team.

ii) You must attend all mandatory teachers meetings ( they will occur very rarely and will be held at a convenient time and in a convenient location for all parties involved)

iii) You may, but are not obligated to, attend all Enali parties and staff events. Unless otherwise stated, all parties will be free.


 1) Enali shall provide you with a foreign expert certificate in accordance with Chinese law.

i) Enlai shall pay for your work visa upon your arrival in Chengdu.

ii) Enlai shall provide all necessary assistance for the obtaining of your work visa.

2) Enlai will provide you assistance with the booking of your flight.

3) Enlai employees will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your new apartment.

4) An Enlai employee will assist you through out your first week to set up your Wi-Fi package, mobile phone subscription, and bank account.

5) Within your first week you will receive an optional introduction to China and to Chengdu.



 1) You here by state that all of the following information about your qualifications are true:

i) You are a native English speaker holding a valid passport from at least one of the following countries: UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, The United States, or Canada.


By accepting this contract you agree to all of the above and you also agree to be present in china to begin your contract before ________/_________/_________


 By signing this contract you accept all the above terms:

 Signature: ___________________________________

Print Name:__________________________________