Enlai Total Educational Solutions

Who We Are

A Joint Venture Company : Created by a UK owned an operated business with a 30 year history of excellence and professionalism and a Chinese partnerwith the expertise and foresight to best take advantage ofthe opportunities posed by Chinese educational business. 



Investors introduction



ADM is the largest computing company in South England, which has 32 years long history of excellence working with educational institutions all over the country. ADM has created a global network to source a vast array of educational products and of course international teachers for your school. We are experienced in all the legal, managerial, financial and logistical aspects of foreign teacher recruitment and employment. The international manager of ADM has been a teacher in China for many years and has experienced first hand the failings and successes of schools who recruit foreign teachers, he offers an employee-centric view of foreign teacher management and recruitment. We offer this experience to you. 

ADM是南英格兰最大计算机信息公司, 在32年的发展历史中,ADM与英国各地的多所著名教育机构建立了深厚的合作伙伴关系。依托ADM在教育领域强大的客户网络,ADM建立了完善的全球教育资源网络,为您的学校寻找最好,最适合的教育资源以及教师资源。



Enlight is a company which is dedicated to providing the best and most suitable management consultancy and education programs to local early childhood education institutions for past 5 years. They understand the fundamental needs for being an international institution and China compatible educator, because besides being a consultant and a service provider, they are also a practitioner. In 2013, Enlight brought to China the world largest publisher in education and the most trustworthy name in learning, “Scholastic”, to satisfy families and educational institutions’ needs with world-class reading and teaching resources. They understand your current business needs, they also supply all the necessary key resources and will work hand in hand with your institution to guide them to the future of education. They take an employer-centric viewpoint toward educational programs and foreign teacher recruitment. They offer this experience to you. 


英耐特不仅是专业的教育服务商,同时也是教育的实践者。2013年,为了满足广大四川家庭和教育机构对专业阅读和教学资源的需求,英耐特将世界上最大的儿童教育资源出版商,及在美国获得“最受信赖的教育品牌”殊荣的 “Scholastic”品牌引进中国,对国际教育资源如何本地化进行了充分实践。



Enlai works with a number of companies and schools around the world for the purposes of teacher recruitment, teacher placement, school auditing, online teaching and to provide career development for our teachers.