Enlai Total Educational Solutions


What We Do



Education is arguably one of the most important functions of humanity as a whole, it is the way that we make every generation greater than the last. However, where business and education collide there is always a risk that a sound education will be lost to business interests. Enlai is a total solution provider who brings the innovative and highly integrated international education to China in a way that is transparent and honest. 




Our Mission

Provide the most valuable and practical total solutions to our partners in education in China and to forever change the the way that teachers are treated and managed. We work to make a transparent and efficient platform for internationalisation for schools and employment for teachers so that all competitors will have to operate to a higher standard in order to compete with us. 





A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops.
— H.B.Adams 亨利.亚当斯 (美国历史学家,学术小说家)

What We've Achieved  成就:

Education Resources:

  • Successfully introduced world-known educational resources to China, including "most trustworthy name in learning"- Scholastic, and "Forest education program" etc.

  • Cooperation with high-end early childhood educational institutions

  • Collaboration with top educators and universities in UK, The United States, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

  • 教育资源:

    *成功将国际顶尖的教育资源与项目引进到中国,包括美国"最值得信赖的教育品牌" Scholastic, 及森林教育体系。



Foreign Teacher Recruitment:

  • An efficient and effective recruitment channel is built for bringing in best foreign teachers to China.
  •  Adopt a unique and innovative management model as a way to help our partners with foreign teachers integration and to create an environment for happy, satisfied foreign teachers.
  • 外教招聘: